Marina Orth Foundation

Fundacion Marina Orth

The Marina Orth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States, and the Fundacion Marina Orth, a registered non-profit in Colombia, is improving the quality of education in underserved communities. We currently provide over 6,000 students at twenty-one schools and their families with laptop computers, English instruction and leadership training to give them the tools to take part in the 21st century.

The foundation has dedicated itself to creating an education model that can be replicated so that primary and secondary students in Colombia, no matter their race, gender or economic background, can compete globally and make a positive contribution to the world. We are already recognized nationally in Colombia for our innovative education programs. In 2012, our rural school, Campo Alegre, in the town of El Carmen de Viboral won the highest honor given by the Secretary of Education from the state of Antioquia in Colombia: Antioquia La Mas Educada.

We reach 500 teachers and 10,000 students with educational services in the departments of Antioquia and Valle del Cauca, Colombia through public-private partnerships to fund the schools and projects. Our ideal formula is to obtain 40 percent of our financing from the national, regional or local government, 30 percent from private in-country funds, and 30 percent donated from the US.

The Marina Orth Foundation aims to be the first program in Latin America to create a new way for teachers of English to reach their students using a blended model of teacher training with both online and face to face support.